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Support Process: When to use sub-issue types

Carla Reed
on 3/21/19, 12:48 PM 46 views

Issue TypeSecondary Issue TypeWhen to use
Missing Package
Taken by another residentPackage taken by another resident
Not deliveredPackage not delivered (Carrier was not at system during time of delivery)
Delivered without being scannedPackage left in system without being assigned correctly
Camera offlineCamera was not online during time of delivery
Removed by propertyProperty staff removed package
Same package scanned twicePackage scanned into system twice
VR unable to locateVR unable to locate
Audit requestedRequesting assistance from property staff
Taken by CarrierRemoved from location by carrier
Did not receive text for properly scanned deliveryDid not receive text for properly scanned delivery
Did not receive email for properly scanned deliveryDid not receive email for properly scanned delivery
Notification for package already picked upreceived notification for a package that was already retrieved
Automated notificationAn email that does not require any assistance
Property Requests
Update to House AccountUpdate House account information
Add unit(s)Request to add additional unit numbers to admin
Footage requestRequest for video footage
General questionsGeneral questions
Audit assistanceProperty staff is requesting assistance performing an audit
Callbox questionsProperty staff has questions about callbox usage
Customer Profile Update
Account creationResident called in to create an account
Duplicate accountsResident has two accounts, one needs to be removed
Email updateEmail update
Phone updatePhone number update
Address updateUnit or location update
Opt outResident requesting to Opt out of system
Broken locker lockLocker door will not stay closed
Broken panel or combo lockPanel or lock is broken
Locker stuckLocker door is not opening. (Caller can see green light flashing)
Door stuckPackage room door is not opening. (Caller is able to hear clicking sound)
Camera downCamera is not online
Control board downLocker not opening because controller board is not online
Router downT3 Issue Type
No power to systemT3 Issue Type
Lost or broken keysProperty does not have keys for the system
iPad overheatingT3 Issue Type
Carrier Errors
Double scanScanned package into system twice
Incorrect assignmentPackage assigned incorrectly
Incorrect locker size usedDuplicate Delivery because wrong locker size used
Left with packageCarrier left with packages in hand
Delivered without scanningCarrier placed packages in Room / Locker without assigning in system
Instructions - how to use systemCarrier calling & requesting instructions on how to use the system
Carrier code requestCarrier calling in to request access code
Charge dispute or reversalRequest to dispute invoice or charge
Credit card updateUpdate to billing information
Fee policy questionsQuestions related to the fee policy / Not related to a dispute
Luxer One application crashIpad is stuck on the home screen
Single application failureIpad has a black screen
No network errorThe system does not have internet
Customer pickup not foundWhen attempting to pick up the resident is receiving "Customer p/u not found" error
Broken door sensorAccess code did not deactivate because of a broken door sensor
To T3Call or email transferred to T3
To SalesCall or email transferred to Sales
To Account ManagersCall or email transferred to Account Managers
To Project ManagersCall or email transferred to Project Managers
To AccountingCall or email transferred to Accounting
To MarketingCall or email transferred to Marketing
To Human ResourcesCall or email transferred to Human Resources
Locker LocationCaller requesting infomation on locker location
Outbound ShippingCaller requesting infomation on Outbound Shipping
Delivery StatusCaller requesting infomation on package delivery status
Hold Package RequestCaller requesting infomation on holding a package
User Error
Left without packageCaller did not remove package from system
Closed door in errorCaller closed door or did not pull door open in time
Unable to assistCaller did not provide enough information to assist or document issue
Theft of package(s)Packages stolen from system
Theft of hardwareHardware stolen from system

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