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Support Process: Responding to a VR Done Ticket

Carla Reed
on 2/7/19, 12:09 PM 29 views

Responding to a ticket after it has been completed by the Video Research team:

Any team member is able to respond to a Video Research request- that has been placed in the "VR Done" stage. Do NOT re-assign the ticket to the request creator.

Before responding to the ticket please follow the steps below.

Review and confirm all of the information provided to the video research team is correct
Review the Video Researcher's response and clips to ensure all information is accurate

Is the information provided by Video Research correct?

Yes - Move to next question

No - Move to resubmit Video Research request LINK

Did the researcher identify theft or break in?
Yes - Escalate issue to Account Management team following the Account Manager Escalation Process
No - Please respond to the resident via preferred contact preference

If the resident preferred to be contacted via phone and you were not able to speak to the resident. Please send a follow-up email to the caller using the Video Research - Missed callback template

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