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Support Process: Removing Invoice Fees

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 5:02 PM 38 views
Removing Invoice Fees

What are invoice fees:
We will receive multiple requests asking that we refund package storage fees for different reasons. (ie. the resident was not aware of the fee policy or they were not able to pick up the package because the system was down.) We have no problem removing or refunding these fees as long as the resident does not live at an Aimco property, has been properly educated on the policy for their community and understands why they were charged.

Locating the fee policy for a property:
If you are not able to locate the property on the "Locations that Charge" email, you can find this information in Admin
  • Click on the location tab in Admin
  • Search for the name of the property
  • Once the property information has loaded, select the fees tab
  • The daily charge fee and amount of free days will be listed towards the bottom of the screen

When to remove fees:
  • Requested by the property staff
  • As a courtesy for residents that are not aware of the storage fee policy
  • If a system error caused the fee. ie. the locker not opening or a broken door sensor error

How to identify if a fee has already been charged:

You will see a "Paid" notification near the fee in Building Manager. Please see the picture below:

Removing an uncharged fee:
  • Use building manager to locate and select the resident's account
  • Identify the delivery that has a fee associated to it. -You can identify the fee by browsing the order history and locating any order that does not have $0.00 listed in the fee column. 

  1. Select the delivery, by clicking on the delivery date and time of the order, you would like to remove the charge for
  2. Click on the delivery fee, this will open a new window (New window pictured below)
  3. Remove the current fee and type 0.00 in the yellow bar and press ok (Pictured below)

Refunding a charged fee

  • Use the Users tab in Admin to locate the resident's account 
  • Click on the delivery tab and select the delivery you would like to refund the fee for - If you are unsure of what order the resident was charged for, you can locate this information in Building Manager by following the above steps and searching for the access code under the logs tab of Admin
  • Once inside of the delivery, you will see a refund button on the left hand side of the delivery ID. Select this button and the refund will be processed. The resident can expect this to post on their account within 3-5 business days. 

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