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Support process: Handling resident carrier complaints

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 3:22 PM 18 views

Handling resident carrier complaints

Here is the updated process for handling resident carrier complaint about carrier issues.

Step One:

If a resident is expressing concern about continued carrier issues, we should advise the resident to file a complaint against the driver.

“Thank you for letting me know [name], that is definitely not ideal! I completely understand how frustrating that can be. The first step that we suggest is contacting the carrier to file a claim for the item that was not delivered correctly. If you know what carrier delivered your item, I would be happy to provide you with the carrier’s contact information”

If the resident needs instructions on how to start the claim with customer service:

Fedex process:

The resident should contact 800-463-3339.

When speaking with the customer service rep, please ask to be transferred to the "Domestic CAT team."

Once you have a CAT Team member on the line, the resident should say the following "I need to get a message sent to the carrier's manager about a delivery issue."

All other carriers:

“You can do this by contacting the carrier and selecting the option to speak with a customer service rep. When speaking with the representative you want to let them know you would like to file a complaint against a driver.”

Carrier Contact Information:

Fedex: 800-463-3339

UPS: 800-742-5877

Lasership: 804-414-2590

OnTrac: 800-334-5000

DHL: 800-225-5345

Amazon: 888-280-4331

Step two:

If the resident has already filed multiple complaints with the carrier, the next step is to advise the resident to have a conversation with the property staff about the continued carrier issues.

“I understand how frustrating this has been for you. I strongly suggest contacting your property manager about your recent experience. The goal is to make the property aware and they can retrain the carrier who is having the issue.”

If you receive push back from the resident, we should take the time to explain the property’s relationship with the carriers and their responsibilities.

“I understand your frustration. Escalating this issue to the property staff will be the best way to get the problem resolved. The staff members have a relationship with the carrier and are responsible for training the driver on how to use the system.”

Step Three:

If the resident mentions they have already reaching out to the property and they were not helpful or the issue is still occurring. We should escalate this issue to the account management team. Account Managers are not responsible for training carriers but they may have advice or training material that will be beneficial to the property staff.

Please follow normal account management escalation steps.

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