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Support Process: Cases that should not be assigned for Video Research

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 4:42 PM 26 views

1.Broken Door Sensor (Multiple Pickup Attempts)

If a resident claims that they opened a locker and found that it was empty, we want to see if it is a case of the door sensor malfunctioning before we assume that it is a missing package. If we see that there were multiple pickup attempts (there are multiple camera icons in Building Manager) then we want to ask the resident about the initial pick up date and time and see if they retrieved the item at that time.

(In the case below, there were multiple pickup attempts. I clicked on the first camera icon to see the timestamp of the initial pickup and asked the resident if they retrieved the package at that time, and they had.)

The broken door sensor template can be used to respond to the resident in this case:

Hello (Resident Name),

Thank you for contacting Luxer One Support. I have reviewed our system and it appears that you have already used this access code, but the locker door sensor was not flagged when you retrieved your package and therefore it was not marked as “picked up,” which is why you received another notification with the same access code. To clarify, were you able to retrieve a package using this code on (date of initial pickup) at (time of initial pickup)?

2. Check The House Account

If a resident claims that they did not receive an access code, the House Account at the location in Building Manager should be thoroughly checked for the missing item prior to assigning the ticket for video review.

(In the case below, the resident in unit #427 had a package delivered under a different name than was listed on the Luxer One account. As a result, the mail carrier assigned the package to the house account.)

3. Incorrectly Assigned Packages

At times, mail carriers will incorrectly assign packages to residents. If a residents calls and says that they never received an access code for a package that was delivered, first we check the House Account. If the package is not in the House Account, we check the orders to the location at the timeframe specified in the tracking information. If we see that the mail carrier was delivering to the lockers/room at the time indicated in the tracking, we want to check the pictures of the shipping labels to see if the mail carrier accidentally assigned the package to a different resident.

(In the case below, a mail carrier assigned a package meant for Dany Chalhoub in unit #514 to Adam Clark in unit #1514. We identified this mistake by looking at the deliveries to the location at the time specified in the tracking. We saw that the mail carrier was delivering at this time, so we looked at the images of the shipping labels, and found that Dany’s package was assigned to Adam.)

4. The Double Scan

At times, mail carriers will scan the same package multiple times, so the resident will receive multiple access codes for different lockers, when there is only one package. In this case, they might reach out to us and inquire about the “missing package,” which does not exist.

(In the case below, Amazon assigned two packages to this resident’s account only two minutes apart. The resident retrieved the package from one of the lockers, and naturally the second locker was empty. I checked the images of the shipping labels. The labels looked identical, so I asked the resident if they were expecting two packages. They were only expecting one, but they just assumed that a package was missing because they received two codes.)

Chris Hobson
On 3/15/19, 2:16 PM

Hey, I've got a question about this.  But this is just a test comment, so no real questions here.  Thank you.

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