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Support process: Aimco Refunds

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 2:27 PM 11 views
Support process: Aimco Refunds

As of today 2/25/2019, Aimco does not allow refunds to be processed without Corporate approval. 

What is Aimco's fee policy?
Signup fee policy - $50 sign up fee for each new account
Annual fee - $50 non-refundable annual fee
Storage Fee Policy- The first 3 days are free, each additional day is $10. with a maximum delivery charge of $40 per item. 

What do I do if a resident is requesting a refund for a valid charge?
Residents requesting a refund need to be redirected to their Property Manager. 

What do I do if a property manager is requesting a refund?
Property Managers requesting a refund need to be referred to Carrie Diaz at their Corporate Office. If the property is requesting contact information for Carrie, they can use: packagelockersupport@Aimco.com 

Are there any special circumstances I should be aware of?
Refund requests sent in to support should ONLY be processed if they are coming from Shella Carter in Account Management. 

We should always issue a refund for charges that are invalid 
- Broken Door Sensor - Charges while on hold - Duplicate charges 

Helpful on call verbiage:

When removing a fee:

“The fee policy is in place to ensure packages are picked up within a timely manner. We do not want to charge you for receiving a package, which is why I am removing the fee now. I would also like to make sure you are aware of the storage fee policy for the locker system, this way you are able to pick up your package before you encounter a fee in the future.”

Referring the caller to the property staff: Please make sure you have taken the time to provide a clear explanation of Aimco's fee policy and a reason for this charge
"I would like to be of more assistance here but I am not able to issue a refund for this charge without written permission from the property staff"

"You will need to contact your property staff in order to have this fee removed. We do not have the ability to remove a valid charge."

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