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Support Process: Account Management Escalations

Carla Reed
on 2/7/19, 11:10 AM 22 views

Escalating to the Account Management Team

How to escalate an active call to an account manager:
  • The reps should use Discord to message the Account Management chat and provide the name of the property, name of the caller and a brief description of the reason for calling (if applicable.)

  • The Account Manager should respond in 3 minutes or less and either accept the call or advise the rep to transfer to voicemail. If they don't respond in 3 minutes, the rep should transfer the call to their voicemail.

If the caller does not wish to be transferred or it is outside of account manager business hours, please gather the following information:

Contact Name: 
Contact Email:
Contact Number:
Property Name:
Issue Type & description:  


If this escalation involves a carrier issue, please request a tracking number from the resident or property manager
Avoid looping in the Account Management team unless a property manager requests to be cc’d into the email

Who should receive this message?
These emails should be sent to both Accountmanagers@luxerone.com and rssupes@luxerone.com

How should this email be formatted?
In order to properly forward the ticket to the account management team choose the format below.

Subject Field: <Ticket Number> <Insert Property Name> <Brief Headline>

Please indicate if an email is high priority and time sensitive by placing “URGENT”  first in the subject line. This will grab the recipient’s immediate attention.

A headline should be brief and accurately indicate the purpose of the email.  
Examples of headlines:

  • Integration issues

  • Manager needs assistance

  • Property Management Questions

  • PM/Staff Training Needed

  • Urgent - PM requires Assistance

Here is the template that should be used when escalating a call. (Title: Account Management: Phone escalation)

Hello Account Management Team,
Will you please assist <Property Name> with an issue they are experiencing with <detailed notes>

Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Number:
Property Name:
Issue Type:

Here is the template that should be used when escalating an email. (Title: Account Management: Email escalation)

Hello Account Management Team,
Please see the email thread below. Will you please assist <Property Name> with an issue they are experiencing with <detailed notes>

What should be escalated?

  • When a property is having an integration issue

  • When a property is experiencing an issue with a carrier (Reported by property or resident)  

  • Requesting additional contact information for a property

  • Changing admin set-up i.e. return to sender times, adding/removing fees

  • When a property is requesting additional training

  • Other- property manager questions/concerns

  • Property is requesting information on support fees

  • Property is requesting insurance information

  • Property is requesting Warranty information or Lien Waiver

  • Single resident issues SHOULD NOT be escalated to the AM team and should instead be directed to your supervisor

Escalations from the Account Management Team

When responding to an escalated inquiry from the account management team, you should respond directly to the Account Manager only. The account manager will take point on communicating with the property and discussing next steps. Do NOT respond to the resident or property staff without receiving a directive from the AM.

Remember to include all necessary information in your response. This way the AM has full knowledge of the issue and can discuss it openly with the Property Manager. Such as any dates, times and clips needed.

How to ensure you are only responding to the account manager:

Select the small arrow to the right of the email’s delivery date and time. This will open a small panel that will show you who this email was sent to.

If support is the only email recipient:

Simply respond directly to the Account Manager.

What if this email was sent to multiple recipients:

Instead of selecting the reply option on this email, select the forward option. In the to the field, type in the email address of the account manager you would like to send your response to.

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