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Dept Guide: Time off requests

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 3:31 PM 16 views
Time Off Approval Process
Customer Success

In order to ensure adequate staffing, the Customer Success Department will follow the below time off approval guidelines.

Request Requirements
  • All requests for time off must be submitted through Deputy

    • Employees who are not in Deputy will request time off through an email to their immediate supervisor

  • Employees must have adequate PTO balance for the requested time off.

  • Requests must be submitted 72 hours in advance.


Requests will be approved if the following conditions are met -

  • You have an available PTO balance to cover the request.

  • Pre-scheduled PTO in your queue is below the PTO threshold.

  • The time requested is not within a blackout period.

Pre-scheduled PTO Thresholds

The three CS workgroups will not approve pre-scheduled PTO if the resulting PTO will push the workgroup over the limits below -

  • Video Research - 8 hours

  • Property Success - 16 hours

  • Technical Support - 16 hours

  • Residential Success - 16 hours

When approving time-off requests, the supervisor/manager shall review the coverage for the specific shift.  If inadequate coverage will result from the time of the request, then the supervisor/manager will deny the request and suggest the representative try to arrange for a shift swap with another employee.  

Blackout Periods

The Department has created vacation blackout dates to ensure adequate staffing during peak periods.  

Current blackout dates for 2019 are -

  • November 18th - December 31st

Current blackout dates for 2020 are -

  • January 1st - January 15th

  • November 16th - December 31st


Any exceptions to the above process must be approved by either the Customer Success Manager, or the Director of Customer Success.

PTO Balances

Employees must have an adequate PTO balance in order to request paid time off.  Customer Success will not approve paid time off requests for employees with a negative PTO balance.

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