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Dept Guide: Quality Assurance - Internal Description guidelines

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 2:19 PM 26 views

It is sometimes the case that we get a resident calling us back because their issue was not resolved on the first call. If this original call is documented with a good internal description, we can easily begin solving their issue without needing to repeat too much of the original call or go on hold to ask about it. Conversely, having to repeat lengthy support calls with residents about the same issue can frustrate them unnecessarily - which we would like to avoid.

To accomplish this, we would like to make sure that an internal description includes the following information: who called, what their problem was (specifically) and how it was resolved. This includes dates and times of missing packages, and any codes or tracking #’s provided by residents or property staff, access codes activated or discussed, and any other relevant issue.

We don’t need full sentences or complete grammar, but it should be understandable and to the point. As a rule of thumb, we would like your notes to be good enough that anyone should be able to look at your notes and know what happened on the call and why. You can find some examples of this below.

Example internal notes:

Carrier scanned 1 package into PR, reactivated code:

“Resident missing Fedex 2/18 2:30pm. Saw carrier, reactivated code 123592”

Resident missing package not found on call:

“Resident missing pkg - fedex 2/18 at 4:10pm. No one at the system. Advised contact FedEx.”

The resident missing package, assigned incorrectly:

“Resident missing pkg 9301302150239929912. Cr assigned to 308, not 309. Reassigned to res.”

Locker Sticking:

“Res call - Lkr 24 sticking. Reactivated code, reached out to T3. Locker popped open.”


“Resident charged 2.00 for 204920. Picked up late. Advised no AIMCO refund.”

Broken Door Sensor:

“Called about 204992. Realized BDS, picked up 2/12”

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