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Dept Guide: Quality Assurance - Avoiding Placing Blame

Carla Reed
on 3/7/19, 2:21 PM 21 views

While we do understand that our system does depend on several different parties following the correct steps, we do not feel it is best to convey this information in a way that uses negative language to aim a sense of frustration at carriers and especially not at property management.

This can prime residents to associate the same negative feelings conveyed in your speech with any interaction with our system. If a resident is already expecting a negative experience with our service, they will usually call in with a worse mood, or may take their frustrations to their PM - leading to more work for other support staff down the line. In order to avoid this, we’d like to move the department in a way that focuses more on solutions than on trying to spend too long talking about who’s fault is who’s.

However, this is not to say that dealing with these situations is entirely natural or easy, so we have provided a few examples below to help you deal with situations where there is a carrier or management errors.

Situation 1: Carrier did not scan package into the system.

Here is one example of what we do not want on a call:

“Yeah, I know. It’s just that sometimes carriers don’t want to ever use the system, and so no residents at the property will ever get their packages scanned into the system for notifications. And while we do instruct your property management to train the carriers, we can’t control them at all, and there’s really nothing we can do really. It’s a big blind-spot of our system to be honest. So you should just make sure to expect this and call us if you don’t get a code ok?”

Here is an example of what we would like to hear instead:

“Oh I see your carrier there today. I’m not sure what happened, but your package might have been missed - so let me get you a code here real quick. You should always get a code from us, so if you get a notification from a carrier that you’ve had a delivery and you don’t hear from us in 5-10 minutes, go ahead and give us a call  with the date and time of delivery and we can get that fixed right away.”

If they note a recurring problem with a carrier or several carriers:

“Thank you for letting me know [name], that is definitely not ideal! I totally understand how that would be frustrating. I’m going to make sure we do all we can on our end to fix this, so I’m going to go ahead and make your property staff aware of the issue. This will make sure that they know to get in touch with that carrier and they should be able to work out appropriate solutions with the carrier.”

Situation 2: PM has not responded to a request and resident calls back asking for an update

What we do not want to say:

“Oh yeah, it looks like your property hasn’t gotten back to us. You know sometimes they don’t want to deal with the system at all, they want to be very hands-off, and unfortunately, if they don’t respond to us, there isn’t much we can do. You should go down and tell them they aren’t responding to our emails to get them to perform this audit”

What we want instead:

“Oh, ok - I see here that we were waiting on a response, but we don’t have one quite yet. I’m going to go ahead and reach out to them again, and if we don’t hear quickly we’ll give them a call.”

(Please note: we should email a property twice, and if they do not respond, please escalate to have someone call the property. If we get no response after this, we need to escalate further)

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